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Subject: A Heartbeat Skip RelationshipThe following is a completely fictitious story containing homosexual
activities. If that perturbs you, this is not the story for you. If you are
too young to read this, then you should refrain from doing so. Normally
people put something witty at the end, but I'm a little dry on wit,
so...enjoy! A Heartbeat Skip Relationship Chapter I-Collide I hate high school. No, really, I do. I'm not being sarcastic, and
I'm not overplaying it like most people do. See, I'm in a rather tough
predicament. I'm not one of those "Emo" kids, and I'm not exactly unknown
around school. Football is basically my life and my friends are great
people. The thing I hate about high school is how hierarchal and completely
shallow it is. You don't go to high school looking for the person you'll
love forever. And most definitely, you do not fall in love with your best
friend. Especially when he's God's personally wrapped and delivered gift to
all the school.-I- A harsh wind blue past me, seeming like it warped right through
me. Shivering, I pulled my orange and green team hoodie closer to
me. Sadly, I was on my way to swim practice dressed idiotically in a
hoodie, blue jeans, and a pair of flip flops. My friend Jay (short for
Jessica) tells me that white people are just stupid to wear flip flops all
year. It was times like these where I agreed with her.
"Adams, what's the problem? Hustle up!" my coach bellowed my last
Without replying in any manner, I began to jog, fighting the wind
that pushed against me. My sandy blond hair flew back, pushing the hood
back instantaneously.
"Sorry coach," I offered my apology.
"Get changed and get ready for some dry land," he said.
Not sure why, but a lot of people have no clue what dry land
practice is. For us, dry land was a 2 mile jog, we'd return to the pool
where we'd do freestyle kicks six inches from the ground on our backs. We'd
do 6 sets, each 30 seconds, and then we'd do kick-backs, laying on your
back and kicking up 90 degrees.
I headed inside the building that housed the locker room that they
had sense enough to put inside, welcoming the warmth of the heat that now
surrounded my body.
"Gabby! What it is, ho?" Jay greeted me, slapping my ass for
"Howdy," I replied, my voice gravelly.
"So, ready for another fun day Preteen Nudity
of swim practice?" she asked as we
walked to the actual locker rooms.
"Always," I laughed, our paths splitting as she walked to the girls
side Preteen Nudity
and I to the boys.
"There he is! Star athlete of the year!" Jeff pointed out.
I rolled my eyes. "We all know that spot's reserved for Hunter."
"Not this year, Gabe, you got this one," another offered.
"I don't really mind, seriously guys. Besides, we all know football
gets the most attention around here," I mentioned, pulling off my hoodie
and managing to get my head stuck.
A friendly tug from an anonymous person helped me sort myself.
"Thanks," I said, muffled as I pulled it completely off.
"No prob," he said as he walked away.
He was new. He had to be. I'd never seen him before.
"Hey, I don't mean to sound stupid or anything, but are you new?" I
He smirked, "Yeah."
"Oh, sweet dude. Name's Gabriel, Gabriel Adams," I said, offering
him a hand.
He looked skeptical at first, then took the peace offering.
I have to admit, he was stunning. His hair was short and spiky, the
color of oak, and his eyes weren't anything special aside from the fact
that they looked like someone slammed emeralds into his eye sockets.
"Bradley, Bradley Adams," he said, his smirk still existent.
"Two Adams? Great," Jeff moaned, "How am I supposed to keep up with
two of them?"
"Hey! Y'all ready yet?!" coach yelled in to the room.
Quickly, I began to undress, completely forgetting Bradley for the
moment. That is, until he began to undress as well. Slowly, my eyes
wandered toward his body. He didn't have the body of most swimmers. He was
huge. I mean, I'd seen bigger, but this guy looked like he belonged on the
football team.
"You'd think you'd never seen a swimmer who didn't look like a
toothpick," he commented.
I tripped over my jeans slightly and regained balance.
"Hah, what're you talking about?"
"Other than the fact that your eyes are practically embedded in my
body, nothing."
I laughed a convincing, mocking laugh. "Right."
He shrugged and pointed at me, "You're not too bad yourself,
I raised an eyebrow, "Gee, with the way your eyes were embedded in
me, I was wondering if you'd Preteen Nudity notice."
He laughed, that smirk still present on his face.
"Right," he mimicked as he began to Preteen Nudity lower his boxers.
I had to look away to refrain from staring. I knew I would. I
busied myself with something in my locker, and pulled out my jammers.
"See ya outside Gabriel," he said.
I really shouldn't have told him my full name.
"It's Gabe!" I hollered after him.
"Good, cuz it's Brad!" he shouted back, the door shutting behind
I couldn't help but grin, now alone in the locker room that was
previously full, then just me and Brad. I pulled my swimming stuff on and
got ready for a nice jog and normal day at swim practice.
Hah...normal.Feedback appreciated: Mikerobotoyahoo.com.
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